Let that shit go!

Sometimes us women put ourselves through shit that we sometimes don’t need to put ourselves through. Sometimes we lower our standards and we let things get the best of us! We let a man get the best years of our lives only to wake up one day and realize we deserve better. Not every woman will agree that sometimes you just have to let that shit go! Have enough respect for yourself to know that you deserve fucking better! Us women settle and it’s not because we don’t believe we can do better but because we are natural nurturers so we nurture these men knowing they are undeserving! Some men don’t like for you to talk about certain things because it lowers and shatters their egos! They don’t want to hear the truth because the truth hurts. The truth sucks you in and fucks with your conscious. You can never call yourself a real man, if you’re not being real to your seed. Idgaf what nobody has to say there’s just no fucking excuse. I vow to never give my pussy up to a nigga that claims he’s a man but doesn’t take care of his responsibilities as a man. The hardest part of this is leaving the shit all behind , the hardest part is finding the strength to leave and walk away. Heartbreaks happen but shit it’s life! And although things don’t work out , it’s not the end of the world because you have to do for you! You have to stand up for things that are important to you! Don’t ever settle because it’s not worth it! God has so much more for you my beautiful Queen! 2019 is the year for me to realize to never settle and to not be afraid to ever let go when I need to. I’ve been taking loss after loss, but it’s giving me the strength to know my worth and it’s giving me the wisdom to understand how things really work in reality! These are great lessons for me! They will build character and they will build strength and wisdom! My light will shine despite what everything else says. Sometimes you have to let go and if it’s meant to be you’ll find your way back and if not you’ll just have to move on with your life.

✌🏽 💛 and growth

Doubt at its peak for entrepreneurship

Today it’s a common thing for people who want to be an entrepreneur, people no longer want to make someone else’s dream a reality but their own as well. Being that people, majority black people haven’t been led an example by others to start a business we tend to settle for less as if that’s all we have to offer. Now granted there has been a high peak and increase in black owned businesses and for that I am proud and I deem it to be possible. But let’s stay on topic, us black people weren’t led by an example, majority of black people didn’t have parents who went to college or started a business and passed it down from generation to generation, but that’s no excuse. I’m not gonna let that detour me from my passion, something I love to do. A wise man once said everyone wasn’t given your vision so not everyone will support you or be with you! That’s true. I tend to doubt my potential to become a writer , a person who expresses themselves without feeling afraid or judged, because I’ve never seen it done before in my family, so how do I even know if it’s possible? How do I break the barriers of the world that seem to press that it’s impossible? Where I’m from a lot of people don’t make it to big spots! So how do you do it? What’s the key to success? Not giving up? Staying focused on your goal? I don’t know if I had the answers I would be successful right now.

I feel it’s possible and if you really want it, you’re not gonna stop at any cost. We look at tv and all we see are the celebrities success, we don’t see the hard work they put in or the long nights they cried themselves to sleep, or the sacrifices they had to make, or the doubt they had when trying to accomplish their dreams. For all we know or see is that they woke up with this success! If I want something I want to give it my all and I don’t want to settle for less! I want to be able to give back to my children and to my family! I want everyone to rise and do the same!

My thoughts are deep, you just may sink!

When things seem bad

Just recently I got a call from a manager in HR letting me know that I had been terminated from my job. My whole life revolved around this job, I had plans to save up money, get a new car, get my license but it didn’t turn out that way. It didn’t turn out the way I hoped for, the way I envisioned. I felt devastated not knowing what I’m going to do with my life, not knowing what’s the next step I need to take. It hurt me so bad because I have bills to pay and I feel like it was a tad bit insensitive to just fire someone on the spot like that. But I got back up , I didn’t get discouraged, I refused to let that incident keep me down, I refuse to let it steal my light. And I want to share some of that light with you guys. No matter what obstacles may come your way understand that it’s not over for you, understand that you have a purpose and doors will open for you, understand you do not have to wallow in your sorrow feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Believe that no matter what, things can change. You may not see it now or maybe you don’t even understand why it happened but there is a way out. Keep your thoughts positive and believe that no matter what your circumstances may look like, you will make it through. I hope happiness, joy, love, and light to follow wherever you may go. Stay posted , I will be posting more ❤️